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Bluetooth Lockbox
ImLockbox Bluetooth Lockbox
You may forget your keys, but you will never forget to take your phone when you go out. It is able to unlock, view unlock records, remotely set regular access or one-time access
Multiple Ways To Unlock
The administrator is able to authorize your family, relatives, friends or trusted people (such as cleaners and nanny) through a convenient application, the person who was authorized can get the key or door card easily by access the lock box
Use the lockbox anytime
This lock box can only be used on the door?
ImLockbox can be used in various situations
Such as doors or cars. It is a lock box, but also a safe

Bluetooth Lockbox

This is our little secret!
I'm never afraid of others knowing our little secret
Only you can open this gift
My heart belongs to you only
No longer worry about privacy disclosure when you sending personal items
The only way to unlock
TianjiSecure is here to protect sense of ritual in your life
Package TianjiSecure on the outside of the gift box which has unique mobile phone number verification technology. Only he/she can open it, add mystery and joy to the confession, unlock the heart and sweetness
Intimate Message
Give a gift and surprise him/her at the moment of opening
You can leave a message and photos on the TianjiSecure that will pop up on the screen when the it is unlocked
Love reaches the bottom of heart without waiting
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