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We create products for the next generation of smart home adopters. The consumers who care more about their home decor and an easier life than tech and gadgets.

ImLockbox Bluetooth Lockbox

Easily installs on a door or gate to provide secure property access with a large storage capacity for multiple keys or key cards.

Multiple Ways To Unlock

Always forget or lose your keys?
Our bluetooth Lockbox will take any worry out of getting into your home. Your phone, password and card is now your key. Create an intelligent, convenience and modern life style.

Use the lockbox anytime, anywhere

The lock box can only be used on the door?
No.Our Bluetooth lock box is cleverly integrated in various environments such as doors or cars. It is a lock box and a safe box.

Intelligent Management

You may forget your key, but you will never forget your phone while going out. With our App, lock, unlock, records checking, Setting up a periodic access or a one-time occurrence, giving you grant remote access to your door management.

Access Sharing

Tired of copying keys all the time?
We now giving you the best solution. With different settings of access permissions, you can grant access with your family, relatives ,friends, or the people you trust like house cleaners and babysitters.

Protect Your Safety

Protecting home security is the first task of door locks. Whether it’s one lock or thousands, Imlockbox provides unmatched security, simplicity and accountability.
Administrators control individual or system-wide lock access with our convenient app interface,while users enjoy simple, secure access to assigned locks or lockboxes.


The TianjiSecure is a smart password lock box developed for the hotel front desk service to store and host items. It authorizes identification and intelligent search, which effectively solves the needs of users for short-term storage of items and improves the overall efficiency of hotel front desk services.

Our Advantages

Simplified, convenient property access

Access granted for confirmed appointments and times only

Program reports track and report all lockbox activities


Brandon Salazar
Brandon Salazar
Very good, the company is clear every day people come and go, app unified authorization is convenient for management
Joyce Holland
Joyce Holland
Relatives and friends do not need me to open the door for them, it is very convenient
Nancy Fowler
Nancy Fowler
Never worry about forgetting to bring the key again, the key is safe and secure inside