1.Download and install the APP

Please search for ImLockbox in the Android App Store or App Store or scan the QRCode below, download and install it, and log in to enter the homepage of App.



2.Search your equipment

Activate the lockbox

Please click any button on the lock to activate the lock screen
(* if the screen does not light up normally, please reset to restart or charge to activate).

Add a new lock

Click "+" or"Add a new lock"in the APP to enter the bluetooth lockbox device search page.
(Please keep the lockbox screen on)

3.Bind your 'ImLockbox'

Bind the searched lockbox

In the search results, click "bind" the selected lockbox will pop off the lid.

If it cannot be bound, make sure that the lockbox has been bound by someone else. Locks that have been bound cannot be bound twice.

Named the lockbox

Scan the QRCode on the back of the corresponding lockbox and rename your lockbox to successfully bind.
(* the QRCode and product number on the back are subject to the entity lock)

4.Use your equipment

About how to unlock

Lock shackle: only the owner of the lock can open the lock shackle, lock shackle box is completely separated, please be careful when the lock shackle fall ,it could be hit your foot.

Lockbox opening: all the authorized persons can open the lockbox, the authorized person and the authorized time can be set, please be careful to authorize.

We are not responsible for any loss caused by improper operation.

About the authorization

You can flexibly set the opening time of the authorized person in the application, and you can manage to delete the authorization. When the authorization is turned off or not within the authorization time, the authorized person will not be able to open the lockbox.

Click to enter the authorized person's detailed page, you can manage the opening time.

Swipe left to remove this authorization.

* all application pages and entity on this page shall be subject to the actual situation