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ImLockbox is a brand focused on smart devices. Starting from “connect you with home”, we created a bluetooth Lockbox which is unique from outside to inside. Based on dozens of changes to the existing bluetooth Lockbox, our design is simple and practical, just for everyone who loves life can enjoy each detail.

Brand Story

"ImLockbox" is a brand under Shanghai Zhubang Information Technology Co., Ltd. The company was established in 2017 as an Internet product research and development company with a very promising prospect in the Internet of Things, mainly engaged in e-commerce related businesses.Our company won the honor of "The First Batch of New Emerging Enterprises in Shanghai in 2020" on September 3, 2020.

With the development of science and technology, the structure and materials of door locks are constantly changing. In modern times, traditional locks have also been given intelligence, which is the smart lock box. Because of its security and convenience, smart lock boxes are used in multiple scenarios in North America, such as personal residences, hotel apartments, and office spaces. However, this market is still relatively small in China, and Shanghai Zhubang Information Technology has aimed at this business opportunity and development trend and constantly developed new products. ImLockbox Bluetooth lock box is the first self-developed safe and durable Bluetooth smart lock box product of Zhubang.

The core technology of this lock box is jointly developed by the Canadian XLWonder Solutions INC company team and Shanghai Zhubang Information Technology. XLWonder Solutions INC was established in December 2010 and specializes in North American software development. Its main customers include well-known companies such as AC Nielsen and Mercer.

ImLockbox Bluetooth lock box has started incubation since October 2018. Through continuous research and development and design, it has followed the market's development direction and realized password unlocking, Bluetooth unlocking, and unlocking records can be queried, and APP can be used for remote authorization and other intelligent functions.

Since the ImLockbox was sold in the North American market in June 2019, it has been adopted by the official real estate trading system (MLS: Multiple Listing Service) of multiple real estate bureaus in North America. The North American real estate sales company used this product in the house sale and lease system and gave unanimous praise.

With good feedback from the North American market, the responsible person of the ImLockbox began to consider introducing products into the domestic market for mass production. At the beginning of 2020, the ImLockbox began to launch a long-planned product upgrade plan and a number of product development plans.

ImLockbox independently developed by the North American team and has independent intellectual property rights has a higher standard of security than traditional padlocks. It implements many ultra-practical new functions such as Bluetooth unlocking and password unlocking, and rewrites the safety of traditional mechanical locks. The situation of poor performance, high price of modern combination locks and low cost performance will open a new era of smart lock boxes in China!

Brand History

Jul 2017
Shanghai Zhubang Information Technology Co., Ltd. was established in Shanghai
Oct 2018
The ImLockbox project started incubation in Canada
Mar 2019
Appearance patent was officially authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office
May 2019
Submit application for PCT international invention patent
Jun 2019
The first product of ImLockbox officially entered the North American market
In December 2019 and March 2020, a total of 2 utility model patents were officially authorized
Feb 2020
Apply for 1 invention patent and 1 utility model patent for new IoT products
Sep 2020
Won the honor of "The First Batch of New Emerging Enterprises in Shanghai in 2020"
To be continued…
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