• The TianjiSecure is an intelligent mobile password lock box for gift delivery services. It has functions such as one-to-many account management, identity authorization password unlocking, Bluetooth, and sound reminder. Create a sense of ritual for gifts to convey love
Product Instructions

Gifts should be different

Wrap the gift carefully, wait for the moment of opening the gift
Exclusive gifts, touching words
Combine with smart technology to make more sense of ritual

Remote authorization makes surprise arrive as expected

No time and space limitations, check his/her unlock record at any time
Not only yourself, but also others can be authorized to unlock,
Set up mobile phone number of others to unlock the box

Resistant to fall and pressure, no fear of violence

Use special ABS+PC material
Has high-strength impact resistance, strong and sturdy

Send you a surprise gift with exclusive thoughtful message

I want to give him/her a surprise at the moment when box is opened. The TianjiSecure is here to help you with warm heart message. You can also attach a photo, the message will pop up on the screen when the lock is unlocked, and the love will reach the bottom of heart without waiting

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Product specifications and parameters
Product Instructions
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