Mini Programs

Scan the following mini Program code on WeChat to enter the TianjiSecure mini Program

Mini Programs

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Item list

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Know our TianjiSecure

User's guide

1. Scan code to unlock

Activate the device

Please light up the button on the TianjiSecure, when the green light is on, the device has been activated
(*If the indicator light fails to light up normally, please charge the device).

Scan with WeChat

Use WeChat to scan into the mini program of TianjiSecure, push it to the left after the sound stops to open, if the sound sounds again, the TianjiSecure is locked, at this time you need to scan the code again to open

2. Bound items

Open the cross buckle

Press the cross buckle to open it, then put the item in and tie it, adjust the length of the rope to ensure that the item is tightly tied

Close the TianjiSecure

Align the marks at the bottom and push to the right to close
(No need to scan code when closing)

3. Binding authorized objects


After the items are tied, click "Next" in the applet, and fill in the authorized object's mobile phone number, TianjiSecure name and message information


You can click "Edit" in the device list to modify the authorized information, and click "Unbind" to delete the unlocking authority of the authorized object

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